Hey, I'm Anya! 👋

I began my career in digital marketing as a self-taught intern, quickly becoming the go-to analytics person at Upraw Media. Throughout my career, I've had the opportunity to collaborate with a wide variety of businesses and noticed that the marketing team regularly faced challenges leveraging data and implementing efficient operational processes.

Driven by my love for data and analytics, I embarked on a mission to close the digital knowledge gap by offering modern Marketing Ops and Analytics solutions that are both accessible and affordable. I aim to empower small-medium-businesses to thrive in the digital landscape while ensuring that every client achieves their business goals and learns something new.

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What is the AnyaWay?

The "AnyaWay" encompasses my philosophies, values, mission, and vision that guide my approach to helping clients. I focus on data accuracy, forward-thinking, experimentation, continuous learning, thorough documentation, and automation to ensure that every client achieves their goals and learns something new.


Guided by a passion for data and analytics, I strive to close the digital knowledge gap in SMBs by offering modern, accessible, and affordable marketing solutions.


Emphasizing my values of accurate data, forward-thinking, experimentation, education, documentation, and automation, I aim to deliver high-quality and lasting solutions to my clients.


My mission is to empower small- and medium-sized businesses with the data, knowledge, and tools they need to achieve their goals and thrive digitally.


I envision a future where every client I collaborate with learns something new, achieves their business objectives, and fosters ongoing growth and success in the digital world.

My Work Experience

You can find a more detailed timeline of my experiences on LinkedIn.

  1. Digital Strategy SpecialistCurrent

    Navaio IT Security

    January, 2023

    • Working on modernising Navaio's brand image and digital marketing strategy.
    • Developed and implementing a three-phase marketing strategy: Foundation, Differentiation, and Expansion
    • Implemented email marketing, lead magnet automations, and CRM automation
    • Rebuilding Brand DNA and Website to attract the right customers and employees
  2. Digital Analytics ManagerCurrent

    Upraw Media

    September, 2022

    • Developed and grew the Analytics Department at the company
    • Managed client and internal data, leads, sales pipelines, and client relationships
    • Automated monthly client reporting with Funnel.io and Tableau, saving 30+ hours/month
    • Implemented Data Protection Policies and training for data compliance
  3. Growth Marketer

    Upraw Media

    January, 2021

    • Developed and managed ad campaigns on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Bing
    • Became proficient in Google Tag Manager, JavaScript, and DOM data management
    • Led marketing, automation, and experimentation in the Upraw Growth Team
    • Audited, planned, and set up tracking and data collection for clients, becoming the go-to analytics specialist at Upraw
  4. Growth Marketing Intern

    Upraw Media

    October, 2020

    • Built Data Studio dashboards using Supermetrics and blended data sources
    • Created Mailchimp campaigns, managed email audience, and automated email workflows
    • Built landing pages and set up website tracking using Google Tag Manager
    • Integrated data and created automations with Zapier.
  5. Self Learning

    February, 2020

    • Gained intermediate knowledge of GCP through various courses and certifications
    • Completed the full 365 Data Science program and gained certification (22 courses)
    • Completed the Udacity Nanodegree on Digital Marketing
    • Consolidated Digital Marketing knowledge with Google's Digital Marketing course and certification

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